S1E10: The Intersection Between Mental Health and Medical Care with Chelsey Medley

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In this episode of the Becoming Anchored podcast, Lauren Jackson introduces us to Chelsey Medley, a seasoned family nurse practitioner with a decade of experience, particularly in the realm of eating disorders and holistic health care. Broadcasting from Brentwood, Tennessee, this session dives deep into the symbiotic relationship between mental wellness and physical health, underscoring the necessity of a trauma-informed, non-shaming approach in medical practice.

Key Insights from This Episode:

  1. Holistic Health Perspectives: Chelsey shares her journey into the integration of mental health care within her practice, emphasizing the inseparability of mental and physical health. This segment illuminates the critical need for medical providers to adopt a holistic lens in treating patients.

  2. The Impact of Mental Health on Physical Symptoms: Through Chelsey’s lens, we explore how symptoms like anxiety and stress manifest physically, often presenting as digestive issues or chronic pain. This discussion is pivotal for understanding the direct correlation between emotional states and physical health.

  3. Challenges in Traditional Medical Practice: Discussing the barriers faced by patients with mental health issues within the conventional health system, Chelsey and Lauren address the frequent dismissal and misdiagnosis that exacerbate patient conditions, highlighting the urgent need for a paradigm shift in patient care.

  4. Trauma-Informed Medical Care: This episode emphasizes the importance of trauma-informed care, detailing how Chelsey’s practice ensures a safe, non-judgmental environment that fosters trust and healing, particularly for those with a history of trauma.

  5. Health at Every Size (HAES) Approach: Chelsey advocates for the HAES philosophy, which promotes health access and outcomes for all regardless of body size. She discusses the detrimental effects of weight stigma in medical treatment and the importance of severing health from aesthetic sizes.

  6. Empowering Patient Agency in Medical Relationships: A powerful takeaway is the encouragement for listeners to seek out compassionate care providers who listen and adapt to their needs, promoting agency in one’s health journey.

This episode of Becoming Anchored not only offers invaluable insights into the integration of mental health in medical practice but also serves as a call to action for both patients and providers to foster a more compassionate and inclusive healthcare environment. Chelsey’s expertise and empathetic approach provide listeners with practical advice on navigating the healthcare system and advocating for a non-shame, inclusive approach to health and wellness.


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