Imagine having a circle of friends who understand and uplift you.

Unlock the secrets to empowering adult friendships with our concise, yet powerful course.

Gain the tools to enhance communication, trust, and connection.

This isn't just theory; it's the very foundation I've used to transform my own relationships, bringing more depth and satisfaction into my life.

You’ll learn how to enrich your friendships, from real life examples and clinical insights. You’ll understand how to identify and cultivate friendships that mirror your own growth and values, making every social interaction something to look forward to.


What You'll Learn:

Module One
What Is Friendship?
  • Explore the essence of what friendship really means 
  • Learn about the friendship tree concept 
  • Understand different layers and types of relationships 
  • Discuss loneliness, with real life examples 
  • Be validated that you’re not isolated in these feelings 
  • Reflect on your current friendship dynamics 
  • Set your intentions for what you desire in relationships
Module Two
What Makes Friendship Harder?
  • Examine the common and complex challenges that make adult friendships difficult 
  • Explore the obstacles that are currently blocking deep connections 
  • Learn strategies to overcome these obstacles 
  • Gain a new approach to relationships 
  • Understand how to pave the way for more fulfilling friendships 
Module Three
What are the Markers of Healthy Friendships?
  • Uncover the key characteristics of healthy friendships 
  • Learn how to effectively communicate 
  • Understand the importance of emotional safety and healthy boundaries 
  • Get practical examples and guided reflections 
  • Implement and strengthen self compassion and confidence
  • Become equipped to create and sustain valuable connections that bring joy into your life
Module Four
How to Begin Cultivating Healthy Friendships
  • Get practical steps to start building healthy friendships
  • Delve into assessing your own relational patterns 
  • Understand different attachment styles
  • Learn how to engage in self-reflection 
  • Take proactive steps toward creating a supportive network
Module Five
Making Friends Depending on Your Stage of Life 
  • Addresses the unique challenges faced by women who are balancing friendships with demanding careers
  • Explore strategies for finding and maintaining friendships with colleagues
  • How to cultivate relationships outside of work
  • Discuss how to set realistic expectations and boundaries that respect both your professional and personal life
  • Learn how to build a supportive network that compliments your lifestyle
Module Six
What to Do When I Mess Up or When My Friend Messes Up
  • Explore the critical aspect of handling mistakes and misunderstandings in friendships
  • Learn about the importance of repair over rupture
  • Guided reflections for navigating and mending issues that arise
  • Gain insights on how to approach forgiveness
  • Understand how to decide whether to continue investing in a friendship after conflict
  • Get the tools necessary to handle conflicts healthily and constructively
  • Become resilient to challenges and adversity in friendships
Module Seven
What are the Barriers to Me Finding and Keeping Friends?
  • Explore the internal and external factors that can hinder your ability to form friendships
  • Assess personal behaviors and social anxieties
  • Identifying these barriers blocking you from connection
  • Learn strategies to overcome fear
  • Enhance your capability to engage authentically and build trust
  • Become empowered to break down walls isolating you 
Module Eight
Recap + Resources
  • Revisit the key points about what makes a friendship flourish 
  • Review the common barriers that can impede them
  • Get a curated list of resources to further support your journey

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