Our commitment is to authenticity, living in harmony with our principles, and embracing the incredible resilience and adaptability that define the human spirit.

We are dedicated to supporting you in becoming more anchored within yourself and your relationships, and should they hold significance for you, your spiritual connections as well.

At the core of Becoming Anchored Co. lies a collection of resources designed to support your journey. From thoughtfully created merchandise that serves as a beacon of hope to engaging podcasts that resonate with your experiences to comprehensive courses spanning a multitude of vital topics and an array of free resources — we are here to facilitate a life more authentically aligned with your values.

In tandem with our offerings, Laura continues to lead our sister entity, Anchored Counseling Co., nestled in the heart of Brentwood, Tennessee. There, she, and her dedicated team of therapists extend their expertise in mental health therapy, providing compassionate support for challenges related to anxiety, depression, trauma recovery, and the complexities of eating disorders.

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Thank you for considering this journey with us.

Let's set sail towards a horizon where being anchored in our truths is the greatest compass of all.